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11.09.2017 - by Kasia

Must have! Pfleiderer’s stone decors — Part 2

Nature is our source of inspiration — it enables us to create interiors that make us feel good. More and more often, decorating our houses and flats, we choose decors resembling wood or stone. Today, as part of our series of posts on stone inspirations, we would like to present the decor Ipanema White S61011 (R6265 CT).

Just like sand

It is not coincidental that this pattern bears the name of a neighbourhood in Rio de Janeiro, adjacent to the famous Copacabana beach. Even at first sight, Ipanema brings to mind soft and ethereal sand — washed off by ocean waves and burnt by strong sun. Fine grey elements, forming long streaks, contrast markedly with the very light, nearly white background. They seem to “sully” the background (just like small stones or dust sully the light-coloured beach sand), but at the same time they bring it to life, giving it dynamism and authenticity.

Ipanema White is a proposition for the kitchen for people who love warm, comfortable,
and at the same time elegant interiors. It is suitable both for Scandinavian and glamour designs. It combines in an interesting way with strong colours, but also with... pastels.

It will reach its full potential in a duo with natural wood decors.



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