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13.07.2017 - by Kasia

A coating which is merciless towards bacteria

A kitchen worktop is a place for which we have many expectations. It must be durable, resistant to damage which might result from cooking, and it should also meet our aesthetic requirements – simply put, we must like the way it looks. Is that all? It turns out that not at all! With the development of technology, our expectations are ever greater. Today, worktops can also protect us against harmful microbes.

It is worth knowing that we can now choose a kitchen worktop with a unique antibacterial coating. Such a coating, called “MicroPlus”, is available from Pfleiderer. The antibacterial coating used for kitchen worktops significantly increases the hygienic values of kitchen working surface. It minimises the risk of the growth of bacteria which are harmful to health. How?

The active substances permanently embedded in the surface of a MicroPlus worktop disrupt the vital functions of bacteria, which cannot reproduce and die. It was proved during the professional tests that on the surface of the furniture coated with MicroPlus the number of bacteria per day is reduced by 99%. In other words, after 24 hours, out of 10,000 bacteria on the table there remain a maximum of... 10.

It must be noted that while the coating is merciless towards bacteria, it is completely safe for humans and the natural environment. It does not penetrate into the food we prepare on worktops (the risk is present when using detergents and failing to wash them off completely). Even during intensive use of the worktop, MicroPlus does not wear off. The product has received a positive toxicological opinion, as well as positive results of room air inspection. In addition, the antibacterial coating used by Pfleiderer has received certificates of SGS Institut Fresenius GmbH and ISEGA – Forschungs- und Untersuchungsgesellschaft mbH.




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